Brand New Computers

Need a new computer or upgrade? You’ve come to the right place. We can custom build brand new computer systems to your exact needs, whether you want it for gaming or business.
Our custom computers are only ever built with quality premium parts and fully qualified technicians so you’re guaranteed to have an ongoing and reliable computer.

Computer Upgrades

If you already have the system you want but it needs some attention look no further, at “NextGen IT” we can upgrade your existing system to perform to today’s standards or beyond. You may only require some more ram or an extra hard drive or maybe your computer needs major upgrades and an overhaul, whatever you need we come to you and discuss ALL the details with you free of charge.


Wireless routers, modems or devices within your network can be connected in many ways and configurations, some of them have been inaccurately set up. If you need assistance with the structuring, installation or configuration of your wireless or Ethernet networks, we can supply the necessary equipment or can help you to configure your own devices.
NextGen IT are fully qualified giving you the right advice and getting what needs to be done, done.

Virus Removal

Having trouble using your computer due to annoying “popups” or spam? Is it running slow? It could be one or numerous viruses, spyware or malicious type software on your machine. Using the newest and most effective methods we can identify and remove them for you, once removed we can then install a safe and trusted program to protect you from them in the future.

Remote Support

Remote support (Team Viewer) is a great alternative for fast & easy tech-support this means that we don’t travel to site, we fix the issue from our office saving you time and money. If you are having an issue with your PC not switching on or you have no internet connection give us a call and we’ll arrange an onsite repair for you or your business.

CCTV Systems

CCTV Systems (also known as video surveillance). Great for home and business owners wanting to keep a continuous eye on their property for suspicious activity such as theft.
As well as providing you with video footage of any events which may happen, they also act as a visible deterrent to criminals.

Clean-up & Tune

Sometimes it can be very frustrating when your computer is running so slow that you can watch your screen type some 5 seconds after you typed the words, it could simply need a basic tune up.
Even if you have some of the best equipment or your hardware is still relatively new, it can still be bogged down and extremely slow due to incorrect configurations.
We can identify the problem/s quickly and suggest the correct course of action you should take, or remedy the system for you with our powerful software and extensive knowledge in the industry.

Data Backup & Recovery

When you get another computer or windows device, you may need all your data migrated to it; this is a delicate process and will require attention to detail along with compassion for “your sensitive info”.
NextGen IT can not only provide the hardware, but set it all up for you and configure the software for regular backups, giving you peace of mind and protection from future loss of data.

Battery Backup (UPS)

NextGen IT can recommend a suitable battery backup device for your system or office network, the Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) takes over and powers your computer if the power is interrupted or lost. The power stays on long enough to finish what you are doing, backup your data and shut down to prevent data loss. These devices are becoming more widely used and accepted as standard equipment for businesses and now for many home users and businesses as well.

Laptop Screen Replacements

Ever dropped your laptop or see a crack in your LCD display? This will cause your laptop display to be either distorted or no display at all. You might be interested to know that we can repair all LCD screens in any brand of laptop. This will basically mean you will be getting a brand new display for your laptop! LCD screen replacements can be a delicate job and should be handled properly. Why throw away a perfectly good laptop when we can repair it for much less than a new one. Give us a call today to find out how easy and affordable it really is.

Phone & Tablet Repairs

NextGen IT can repair both phone and tablet screens including damaged LCD, (Liquid Crystal Display) glass and digitizer cracks. Whether you have apple or android we’re the qualified experts, give us a call today to obtain a free quote.

Equipment Installation

Need to setup your home/business? We can come to you and setup your new hardware and software, taking the hassle and confusion out of it for you. We can also do the same for your existing gear if you are re-locating or changing some components.

Pickup & Delivery

Don’t have the time you say? At NextGen IT we have our pickup & delivery service for your convenience, call us to arrange the time and place that you prefer (conditions apply) and we can pick up your faulty equipment and return it to our workshop for repair. Of course we will keep in touch every step of the way so you will be informed BEFORE any work is carried out.